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Don't Fuck in the Woods 2

Don't Fuck in the Woods 2

Genre: Horror

Actor: Tom Komisar, Kayla Elizabeth, Nessa Moore

Director: Shawn Burkett

Country: United States

IMDB: 4.2

0.5/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

A group of advisors, along with a man who was cheated and nurses of camp, preparing for a summer in the camp. The preparations of the advisors are mostly consisting of sexual relations (or attempt) until they are interrupted by some sort of mysterious parasite. The headline of the movie is extremely accurate and extremely easily misread. Don't Fuck in the Woods 2, do Shawn Burkett the director, really the next part, there's'forest'in there and a lot of shit. However, it's also a very serious movie, and it's not a pleasant surprise. Maybe more accurately, the movie should be called'Don't Go to the Bathroom in the Woods 2.'And you'll see what I mean). Don't Fuck in the Woods 2 2-inch period separating eight minutes between showing multiple sexual advisors and horror stories, with the first major vigilante that lasted to 38 50 minutes in a second film. This is definitely the hardest thing to see about the next part. Now, as a regular person to watch a B horror movie (and as the person who read the headlines of this movie, I had predicted there would be a lot of damn scenes. The problem is that all the characters do it is annoying, not interesting or both. The long sex and graphic scenes, but not with the compounds, gay or funny. They didn't do anything to speed up any storyline. shows what this movie could be. There's a distinctly '80s vibe, with a girl with a chainsaw, lots of blood, and a wind machine. The energy in this sequence is much higher and there is a real sense of enjoyment. This sense of fun is also present in the post-credits scene and the behind-the-scenes that are included in the credits reel. Thinking about the parts of the movie that I like makes me confident that Don't Fuck in the Woods 2 will improve by cutting around 25 segments in the first 50 minutes and imbuing the entire movie with his style. an 80s sci-fi movie   The counselors of Pine Hills Summer Camp are getting the grounds ready for the season. While they set up, a mysterious girl enters the camp after a night of bloodshed. And there are things following her as well.v

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