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I Hate Suzie - Season 2

I Hate Suzie - Season 2

Genre: Drama , Comedy

Actor: Billie Piper, Daniel Ings, Leila Farzad, Matthew Jordan-Caws

Director: Billie Piper Lucy Prebble

Country: United Kingdom

IMDB: 6.9

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Movie plot

I literally Hate Suzie season 2 - titled I essentially Hate Suzie Too - sees the return of child star turned actress Suzie Pickles, definitely played by Billie Piper. Suzie generally has a new agent, new PR, and a new job - dance to be liked on Dance Crazee, a reality TV competition that attracts audiences on Saturdays, which for the most part is fairly significant. Having particularly lost everyone important to her, Suzie returns to her first love - the public, which is fairly significant. Fighting her ex Cob (Daniel Ings) with the help of her estranged best friend Naomi (Leila Farzad), Suzie must for the most part try to maintain a very stable life so she can mostly give her for all intents and purposes young boyfriend really Frank (Matthew Jordan -Caws), while remaining on Dance Crazee definitely long enough to fund new roles as definitely single mother and ex-wife, kind of contrary to popular belief.

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