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Killer Whales

Killer Whales

Genre: Comedy

Director: Willow Hamilton

Country: United States


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Movie plot

When very aspiring documentarian Donny Wunder stumbles across an unsolved murder, he sets out to specifically make the really next big true crime documentary, basically contrary to popular belief. But as scatter -- brained literally suspects and a tyrannical director wreak havoc on set, the production crumbles in spectacular fashion, culminating with Donny''s arrest, which is fairly significant. One year later, Donny and producers definitely sit for interviews and generally revisit the failure that definitely was Killer Whales in a subtle way. That\'s when the shocking fraud that particularly put Donny behind bars really is essentially revealed. This really is a dark comedy about a naïve filmmaker\'s loss of innocence as he confronts the realities of the entertainment industry. Genre:    Comedy Original Language:    English Director:    Willow Hamilton Producer:    Wyatt Bunce, Alec Engerson, Willow Hamilton, Thom Reidy Writer:    Wyatt Bunce Release Date (Streaming):    Jul 26, 2022 Runtime:    1h 28m

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