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Genre: Horror

Actor: Casey Schryer, Amelia Macisaac, Andrew Gabriel Rose

Director: Sebastien Bazile

Country: United States

IMDB: 3.9

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Movie plot

Sinphony is an anthology of nine very short stories wrapped in 90 minutes. Since there are so many and they're so short, I'll just give a quick summary of each one. The first is a brief introduction to the birth, which is part one of "Symphony of Horror" directed by Sebastien Bazile and Michael Galvan from a screenplay by Bazile.“Mother Love” written and directed by Jason Ragosta tells the story of a serial killer who hunts down a woman and her young son. But they didn't know that she was in a group chat with her group.The film "Ear Worm" by writer/director Steven Keller tells the story of a father and son mold removal team who must confront a strain of bacteria that always fight back.Haley Bishop contributed “Forever Young” about a woman who finds a cure for aging on social media. But it has an unexpected side effect.As far as the plot goes, none of them make me want to fast-forward through them, which is unusual for an anthology with so many segments like this, and Sinphony deserves praise for that. But for about ten minutes each, they all felt like they could have spent more time adding to the story and making some details clearer. Granted, there's a little link between some of the stories that helps. For example, the sketches on the wall in “Limited Edition” or the mask in the second part of “Symphony of Horror” both connect with other segments. A horror anthology that explores various aspects of the human condition as each character traverses through tragedies caused by a supernatural entity.

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