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The Last Year of Television

The Last Year of Television

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Mitch McTaggart, Djovan Caro

Director: Mitch McTaggartJames Westland

Country: United States


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Movie plot

Host Mitch McTaggart has spent the year observing the world through his television, and the boy has no idea what he's watched.Last year's television is a look at how Australian television framed last year's events. Expect jokes, explainable outrage, and a moderate level of ridicule directed at Pete Evans There's actually a benefit to society that, of all the bad things that's happened, someone like Pete Evans has consistently done things that are so questionable and bizarre that everyone is like, “Oh, at least a little bit. At least I don't think about any nonsense. . I'm thinking about how weird this is, and I think that's also the tone of the show - not just about Pete Evans, but hopefully there's a balance between: 'Yes, this is a bit sad, but this is a bit odd as well to make up for it'. Time for Mitch McTaggart to once again remind us of the TV year that was. If it happened on Australian television in 2021, you'll see it here.

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