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The OctoGames

The OctoGames

Genre: Horror , Action , Sci-Fi

Actor: Brandon Hood, Claire Palmer, Luv Patel

Director: Aaron Mirtes

Country: United States


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Movie plot

YouTuber JaxPro is staging a contest, The OctoGames, so named because there are eight games and octopuses have eight arms. It’s nothing at all to do with cashing in on The Squid games, really. Since he’s retiring from social media, the prize will be all of his channels, sponsorships, and one hundred and fifteen million followers. It’s all really simple, too after an elimination round of Simon Says, the eight finalists will compete in various children’s games until only one is left, and they win it all. Imagine the shock when the costumed mascot beats the first to be eliminated to death with a sledgehammer. JaxPro didn’t mention that losing means you get killed? He probably figured that by now you know that’s how it goes in movies like this.

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